Angelica Tuberose 

An intoxicating blend of white florals, the fragrance is centred on creamy tuberose, sensual gardenia and delicate orange blossom. Spicy pink pepper adds warmth to sweet mandarin at the top, and an smoky woody blend of sandal, cedar and amber await the close.


A vibrant citrus accord combining notes of lemon, verbena, lemongrass and with spicy nuances and a base of citrus pith, musk and woods.

Baby Powder

Our classic Baby Powder Fragrance smells the same as just like the real thing. Including Rose, Lilac and Geranium with hints of Musk, Balsams, Tonka and Vanilla to recreate that sweet clean Baby Oil Fragrance that we all know and love so much.

Back in Black


A rich smoky woody accord with top notes of charcoal, birch and cedarwood leading to a heart of black leather and cade and a rich base of amber and rich woods.

Bakewell tart

A delicious mouth watering bakewell tart accord with a juicy cherry, raspberry and strawberry puree sealed with fondant icing on a scrumptious vanilla almond cake base.

Blue Raspberry Slushie

This fragrance captures the aroma of ripened raspberries, sugary cotton candy, and the effervescence of crushed ice.  This trip back to childhood truly smells good enough to eat...but better not.

Black Opium

A warm Oriental spicy fragrance with top notes of pink pepper, orange blossom and pear leading to a heart of orchid and coffee and a sumptuous base of amber, patchouli, vanilla and cedar.

Birthday Cake

A novel scent of mouth watering birthday cake, depicted by a blend of fresh fluffy sponge, encasing whipped double cream & fruity strawberry jam. Finished off with a layer of sweet smooth pink icing and a generous dusting of icing sugar.

Black Cherry

A fruity black cherry accord.

Blackcurrant & Rose

 A fruity floral accord opening with top notes of blackcurrant leaf, fresh green notes and herbal nuances enwrapped in a heart of blackcurrant, rose, lily, plum and jasmine.

Blueberry & Jasmine

A fruity floral fragrance opening with orange & peach notes, followed by a floral bouquet with violets, soft patchouli & sweet vanilla.

Caffe Latte

A rich, dark, smooth coffee aroma with some notes of vanilla.

Cherry Cola

a refreshing aroma with a sweet combination of mixed black cherries and a bubbling soda cola.


An aromatic accord opening with top notes of bergamot, lemon, cassis, incense, pink pepper and juniper. This leads to heart notes of jasmine, rock rose and velvet woods, resting on a base of ambergris, musk, moss and patchouli. This complex fusion includes essential oils of mimosa, orange, petitgrain and patchouli.

Dippy Amber

Similar notes of rich, dark, amber fragrance with vanilla, tonka and hints of musk. These are enhanced by labdanum, frankincense, sandalwood and patchouli warmed by exotic spices including nutmeg, cinnamon and cumin.

Dragons Blood

An oriental accord with notes of exotic florals alongside lush notes of precious amber, sandalwood, musk and vanilla.

Dippy Bais

A fresh green fruity floral fragrance with top notes of tagettes, blackcurrant leaves, lemon, grapefruit orange and cassis next to a complex middle of rose supported by muguet, orange blossom and jasmin all resting on a base of musk, precious woods and amber.

Dippy Du Son

A heady lush white floral with top notes of orange flower, rose and iris leading to a heart of tuberose, pink pepper and jasmine and base of musk, benzoin and soft woods.

Earl Grey & Cucumber

similar in notes and identity to the popular scent. Earl Grey & Cucumber fragrance oil is made from black tea, bergamot and citruses. The composition opens with apple, bergamot, jasmine and aquatic notes, with cucumber, angelica and davana in the heart, on the base of vanilla, cedar and musk.

English Pear & Freesia

Our luxurious English Pear and Freesia Fragrance is regarded as a timeless classic and is very similar to the popular perfume. This chic fragrance will remind you of autumn, with a delicate blend of scents that include Pears and White Freesias that enhance the background hints of Amber, Patchouli and White Musk.


similar in style to an iconic ladies perfume. The fragrance has a woody and floral aroma, with earthy patchouli, sweet chamomile and fresh rose.

Fairy Dust

Smooth cedar charms the fragrance, powdered in magical shimmers of raspberry, jasmine, rose and orange.

Flashy Bathroom

similar in scent to the the popular bathroom cleaner. Aromatic and fresh, the fragrance blends green fruity notes of lime zest with sweet pine needle at the top and warming lavender at its heart.


Fresh, crisp woods,  Juicy redcurrant, zesty mandarin. followed by fresh rose and finished with soft white musk and roasted oak.


A rose accord with fresh citrus top notes including lemon, grapefruit, muguet, violet vetivert and amber, musk and cedar. Fresh and elegant, this fragrance literally blooms as it floats through the air.

Laundry Fairy

Based on the popular fabric conditioner A rich floral fragrance with fresh green and aldehydic top notes leading to a floral heart of rose, lily, jasmine, violet and muguet with a base of soft woods and musk.

Linen Fresh

A fresh, clean floral fragrance with freesia, lily, jasmine and orchid rounded by regal iris and mimosa, these are all supported by velvet woods, sandalwood and a hint of amber.

Lemon Meringue

A fresh, clean floral fragrance with freesia, lily, jasmine and orchid rounded by regal iris and mimosa, these are all supported by velvet woods, sandalwood and a hint of amber.

Lemongrass & Ginger

top notes of ground ginger roots followed by mouth-watering lemongrass along with a hint of freshly grated lemon peel and coriander seeds providing you with a crisp & fresh fragrance.

Lime, Basil & Mandarin

A refreshing citrus fragrance where notes of juicy mandarin, lemon and a nuance of lime are accompanied by uplifting basil and thyme with a hint of lemongrass and spearmint.  These all rest on a cool moss base with accents of labdanum and vetivert.


A fresh oriental fragrance based on a sensual salty-vanilla accord for a sexy and divine trail to bring out the Goddess in you!


This intriguing fragrance opens with citrus, juniper berries, blackcurrent, plum and cherry with hints of pine leading into a heart of rose, jasmin and ylang supported by warming spices resting on an intense base of precious wood, oudh, patchouli, amber and musk.

Peach Crumble

A sweet and fruity peach fragrance with opening notes of peach, creamy coconut and orange followed by a rich jasmine and almond heart, all on a base of soft vanilla.

Passionfruit Martini


A rich fruity accord dominated by notes of freshly sliced passion fruit blended with zesty lime and vanilla syrup.

Pina Colada

This fragrance oil is a tropical combination of sweet pineapple and coconut

Pink Strawberry Slushie

A sweet fruity strawberry fragrance with raspberries and crisp green apple.

Pearl Of Caledonia


A warm spicy oriental fragrance with top notes of pink pepper, orange blossom and pear leading to a heart of jasmine and coffee, nestled on a sumptuous base of patchouli, vanilla and cedar. 

Peppercorn & Raspberry


A sparkling red raspberry fragrance with hints of peppercorn resting on an intoxicating base of vanilla, tingling amber, precious woods and dry fruits.

Pineapple Nectar & Hibiscus


This exotic fruity fragrance will transport you to distant shores where vibrant sweet pineapple and tropical palm trees sway in a sweet fresh island breeze of floral hibiscus.

Pineapple & Mango

A tropical fizzy fragrance with lemon pineapple and ripe grapefruit top notes with fresh mango undertones.


Pomegranate Noir

 top notes of juicy red fruits, reminiscent of pomegranate, giving oil a lusciously refreshing quality. Floral blend heart notes that conjures the heady, spicy character of Casablanca lily. Base notes of temptingly smoky wood, it weaves through the fragrance, creating an aura of sensuality A classic high quality fragrance.

Pink Sands

A fruity floral fragrance introduces citrus sweet orange notes and a fruit medley of coconuts, strawberries, melons and bananas leading to a floral core of muguet, rose and jasmine scattered with clary sage and cloves.  The base is enriched with sweet vanilla and sugar notes.

Plum & Rhubarb

A vibrant fruity accord of fresh rhubarb and juicy plum supported with interludes of ripe pear and sweet peach with vanilla and sugar in the base.

Purple Rain

 a spin on the “Purple Rain” Cocktail, traditionally made with Vodka, Blue Curacao, Grenadine, Lemonade and garnished with lemon. 

Rhubarb & Custard


A firm favourite in store, A sweet confectionary accord of juicy rhubarb and vanilla custard.

Rhubarb & Pomegranate

This succulent, fruity accord unfolds over a juicy, refreshing harmony of orange, peach, apple, grapefruit and the tartness of rhubarb, refreshed by hints of lychee. The fragrance continues to flourish over a mouth-watering heart of juicy pomegranate, strawberry, raspberry and pear.

Rose Wonderland

This fragrance is an uplifting scent with sweet orange, fresh rose, white musk and precious woods. 

Rhubarb & Rose

mouth-watering rhubarb fragrance blended with tea rose and hints of pineapple on a base of musk, velvety woods and dry fruits.

Red Cherry Slushie

A fruity cherry fragrance enlivened by raspberry and fizzy orange.

Rosey apple & Vanilla


An inviting edible fruity accord of rosy apple enhanced by hints of ripe raspberry. The heart of crisp apple, peach and jasmine rests on a warm sweet base of vanilla, caramel and candy floss.

Seaside Memories

A mesmerising floral marine scent where refreshing notes of seaweed and green algae lie in cool rock pools livened by a fresh coastal breeze and enhanced by touches of cyclamen and water lily. At the base of the fragrance, sparkling salt crusted driftwood is warmed by amber, patchouli and musk.

Seaweed & Junniper

a fresh invigorating accord opening with refreshing notes of white tea, lemon, mandarin, pear and green tea with a light floral background with amber and soft woods.

Secret Garden

The subtle temptation of fruity wild berries, peach, and citrus with an enchanting floral medley of lilies and rose harmonizes so beautifully with soft musk and amber. It makes this fragrance come alive!


This fragrance opens with notes of bergamot, mandarin and liquer de cassis, it has a heart of rose de mai absolute, neroli absolute and jasmine absolute. Base notes of patchouli oil, amber and musky undertones of vanilla absolute.

Sleepy Head

A cosmic blend of soothing lavender and calming tonka that will have you drifting away to your happy place. A scent for relaxing and unwinding with before bed.


A sweet rich and powdery Oriental with soft top notes of orange and soothing florals. The heart is rich and aromatic with warm notes of cardamom, cypress, lavender and geranium descending to a full base of vanilla, patchouli and warm woods.

Shining With Fame

clean, fresh combination of citrusy orange and bergamot, shaded with green sage and osmanthus and polished with patchouli, olibanum and vanilla. An uplifting scent designed to lift your mood and brighten your day. 

Snow Fairie

A beautiful candy-sweet combination of pear, cotton candy, vanilla and cherry that reminds us of an elevated bubble gum type scent.


reminiscent of a breezy Indian Ocean island, soothing Seychelles blends notes of fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber with warm notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond.

Sea Minerals & Mimosa

A fresh, fruity floral fragrance where sparkling green mandarin, sweet orange and lush pear are interwined with cool aquatic notes. The heart combines jasmine, freesia, mimosa and ginger lily, intensified by a sumptuous fond of vanilla, sandalwood, amber, dry fruits and velvet woods.

Sizzling in the sun

A tropical accord of pina colada with coconut and sweet spices modified with peach and a hint of raspberry.

Spring Awakening

similar to the popular fabric conditioner. Trapped in the scent of spring flowers and hints of natural patchouli and white cedar, you can look forward to a revitalizing, uplifting experience that will leave you feeling invigorated and totally refreshed.

The Comforter

A delicious berry blend where the fruity fresh aroma of blackcurrant leaves sits atop a rich blend of tangy blackberry and fresh geranium. Warming notes of ground cinnamon sink into gourmand bed of smooth caramel and sweet vanilla.

Through the Wardrobe

A warm herbal fragrance opening with fresh pine notes with hints of eucalyptus.  It then leads onto a heart of sweet rose while resting on a warm vanilla and creamy tonka base.

Tobacco & Vanilla

Tobacco & Vanilla Fragrance Oil is similar in notes and identity to the popular scent. Tobacco & Vanilla fragrance oil top notes are tobacco leaf and spicy notes; middle notes are tonka bean, tobacco blossom, vanilla and cacao; base notes are dried fruits and woody notes.

Tropical Twist

tropical fruits, coconut, orange rest on rose, floral, tropical orchid with bottom notes of vanilla and white musks.

Twilight Woods

Capturing the mysterious allure of moonlit woods, this rich oriental fragrance opens with a rush of bergamot, orange and lemon, enhanced by nuances of fresh lavender. The complex heart unveils olive flower, guaiac wood and cedar, resting on a sophisticated fond of musk, amber, tonka and vanilla..

Twisted Mermaid

A sweet fruity accord with notes of strawberry, peach, raspberry and rhubarb, with a hint of green leaf, followed by a touch of florality, all resting on a base of vanilla.

Thousand Wishes

This fragrance opens with notes of quince, star fruit and sparkling wine followed by a floral heart of fresh peonies, rose and freesia on a base of sweet sugar, amber, sandalwood and soft musk.

Unstoppable Bliss


A delicate fragrance that combines the inviting scents of red berries and cherry with elegant jasmine and a hint of peachy sweetness.

Unstoppable Dreams

Positively bursting with jasmine and vanilla.

Unstoppable Lavish

An ideal pairing of rich peach gourmand scent infused with creamy white floral notes blended with sweet vanilla and precious woods.

Unstoppable Spring


Wrapped in the scent of spring flowers, you can look forward to a revitalizing, uplifting experience that will leave you feeling invigorated and totally refreshed.

Velvet Rose & Oud 

rich and textural, wrapped with smoky oud wood. Spiked with clove, decadent with praline.


specially formulated to release the fresh and vibrant smell of the common watermelon. a strong and prominent smell associated with pink grapefruit, citron, watermelon and lime. This initial aroma is the most pronounced as your candle starts to burn, filling up your room with a scent that is then enhanced by light undertones of cantaloupe and orange blossom. Incorporated into the formulation for this distinctive fragrance is a wonderful trace aftertaste of vanilla and fruity musk.

Wedding Day


A romantic complex fragrance oil with top notes of pears, and apricots; middle notes of rose, orchids, birds of paradise; with bottom notes of fresh English ivy, sandalwood, and musk.

Wild Violet & Black Amber


Warm ambers intermingle with wild florals for an intoxicating blend of divine creation.