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Introducing our Heritage Collection Clamshells - a must-have for any wax melt lover! Each clamshell has been carefully hand made with blends of pure soy wax, ensuring a long lasting fragrance that will fill your home with delightful scents. With 7 amazing scents to choose from, which change every season, you'll always have something new to try.


Summer Collection


Bikini Season

A tropical, fruity gourmand fragrance with succulent notes of guava nectar, sunlit orchid, and coconut water.



Citronella, lemongrass, and sweet vanilla combine for a crisp and super fresh fragrance, perfect for alfresco dining on a cool summer's night. Made from active essential oil ingredients, this fragrance can be used as natural deterent for insects. 


Coconut Creme

A sweet fragrance focusing on notes of coconut and chocolate, softened by notes of waterlily on a base of Tonka, vanilla and musk.


Scottish Raspberry

A mouth watering fruity accord with sweet Scottish raspberry tones with a heart of fluffy marshmallow and vanilla notes. 


The Florist

A scent that is just like walking into a flower shop. You can smell the aroma of all of the flowers, green stems and water droplets on the flower petals filling the air. 


Urban Neroli

A sophisticated blend of nature’s most uplifting elements designed to stimulate your senses and create an atmosphere of urban tranquility. With a rich citrus base, Neroli is said to have a soothing effect on emotions and helps bring a sense of balance and calm. Its floral and orange notes offer a light and summery feel.





Heritage Collection Clamshells


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