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The Perfect Mystery box for wax lovers! 


Get your hands on an incredible burner and some of our amazing wax melts!!




Each product is guaranteed to contain 5 items. There are 7 items in the selection pool.

Each box will contain at 5 items. These items will be:

1 x wax warmer - 3 designs - Zigzag, bubble, diamond

2 x wax melt clamshells - handmade scented wax melt - Label & Scent from our core and exclusive range.

2 x wax melt shapes - handmade shaped wax melt - scents from our core and exclusive range.


Warmer: There is a 100% chance you will get 1 wax warmer in each box. 

20% chance of either Zigzag, bubble, diamond worth £25.00 each.

Wax: there is a 100% chance you will get at 4 wax products in your box:

there is a 100% chance you will receive 2 x wax melt clamshells worth £5.00 each and 2 x wax melt shapes worth £3.00 each.

Scents included will be from our core and limited edition ranges. 
There is a 100% chance that you will receive goods equal to or greater than the amount you paid for the box.


1000wishes, A PART OF THIS WORLD, After dark, AFTERNOON TEA, ALE OAK BOURBON, Amber noir, Baby powder, Banana milkshake, BANOFFEE PIE, baron, Batida rosa, Be courageous, Be happy, BELIEVE IN MAGIC, BE Positive, Birthday cake, BLACK CHERRY, Black coffee & tonka, bliss, Blonde moment, Blue raspberry slushie, Blueberry and jasmine, Blueberry slushie, boo, Branch Bunker, Brazilian Boom, BRAZILIAN BOUNCE, Brownie batter, Bubble gum, BUTTERBEER LATTE, Cal-pol, CANDY FLOSS, Candy hearts, CARIBBEAN TEAKWOOD, Caring fresh milk musk, Caring fresh rose petals, Champagne toast, CHERRY BLOSSOM, CHERRY SLUSHIE, Cherry cola, Churro chomp, cloud, Cocoa fleur, COCONUT CREME, Coconut kisses, COLA CUBES, Colombia di Pascua, Comforting mood, Cookie monster freak shake, Cosy cashmere musk, CRANBERRY ORANGE, Cuban lounge, Cupids arrow, Dark plum & sandalwood, DESERT DUNES, DOLLY ROCKER, Don’t worry be hoppy, DOODLEBUG, elixir, English pear, Exquisite Patisserie, FAIRY DUST, Fairy flutter, Fizzy sweet, FLORIST, FLOWER BOMB, Follow your dreams, FRESH DUVET, FROSTED EUCALYPTUS, Fruit salad, geranium and willow moss, GINGERED PEACH, Glass slipper, Glazed donut, golden blooms, Golden embers & plum, Got it from my mama, GRANDADS GREENHOUSE, HAPPY NAPPY, Hawaiian pineapple, Hike haze, Home-made lemonade, Hot cross buns, Hotel of dreams, Hours of absence, ICE QUEEN, ICING SUGAR, In Wonderland, In the jungle, Iridescent Pearl, Island escape, Ivy garden, Jack, JACK FROST, Jamaican mango, Jamaican Seychelle sea salt, Jam donut, Jammy rose, JUICY RED APPLE, Key lime, LAUNDRY FRESH, Lemon lavender, Lemon marshmallow buttercream, Lemon meringue, LILY AND DAMASK ROSE, Lime & vanilla, Lime cooler, Long live the king, Madagascan vanilla & marshmallow, Mango lemonade, Maple Pecan Danish, Marshmallow clouds, MARSHMALLOW CLEMENTINE, Marshmallow Cali cherry, MARSHMALLOW & PEACH, Marshmallow Pumpkin, Marshmallow blueberry frosting, MINCE PIE, MINT CHOC CHIP, MISTY MOUNTAINS, Marshmallow tropical mango, MULLED PEAR CRANBERRY, NEVER GROW UP, NORTH POL, Nutty Choc, One in a melon, Orange soda, origin, Paradise falls, Parma violet, Peanut butter milkshake, PEAR DROPS, PERFEECTION, PINA COLADA, PINEAPPLE CUBES, PINK LEMONADE, PINK SANDS, Pink chiffon, Pink lychee milkshake, Pink pepper and rose, Pink quartz, Pink tulips & white jasmine, Pistachio milkshake, Pj time, Pomme, PRINCESS PAWS, Puddles and cuddles, Purple rain, RED ROSES, Red velvet, RHUBARB & CUSTARD, Rhubarb marmalade, Rhubarb & rose lemonade, Rhubarb rose, ROSEY APPLE VANILLA, Sambac jasmine & marigold, Scottish raspberry, SEA MINERALS, SEASIDE MEMORIES, Seychelles , Shake your bunny tail, SHEA, Snuggly jumpers, Spa, SPECTRE, SPRING AWAKENING, Spring showers, STAR GAZER, STRAWBERRIES & CREAM, Strawberry lemonade, Succulent Garden, Sun rose & jasmine, sweetness, Tea party, THE WORKSHOP, The temptress, THROUGH THE WARDROBE, TICKLED PINK, Toasted marshmallow, TOFFEENUT LATTE, TROPICAL TWIST, UTOPIA, vanilla cupcake, Vanilla pumpkin marshmallow, Velvet rose oud, WARM SUGAR COOKIES, warm sugar donut, Warming Cashmere, Warm woods and cashmere, Warm woollen blankets, Watermelon Lemonade, Watermelon & mango, Winter blossom & vanilla, Wonderful life, Woodland petals frosted eucalyptus, WOODSMOKE LEATHER


Important note: that the product selection process is entirely random. you are not guaranteed to receive any particular type of candle, wax melt or wax melt clamshell and if you purchase multiple boxes you may receive duplicates. The minimum value of the products the customer will receive added together is £41.00 . there is a 100% chance you will receive goods equal to or greater than the amount you paid for the box. 

We cannot accommodate requests for ''Burner Only'' or '' Wax Only'' boxes - These boxes must be issued as per the above listing and no amendments will be made.


We can not facilitate requests for specific products in these boxes. Whilst we will always accommodate allergies, we advise that if you want specific products that you order these via their listing.


Please inform us of any allergies via notes.

Wax Warmer Mystery Box


Pawsome Savings

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