Elegant, Refined, Unique. The Prestige Candle, Exclusive to Bear Burners will bring an extra touch of class to your home. Your candle will come hand poured with our finest blends of 100% soy wax and fragrance oils. A lid is applied, A Bear Burners seal of approval is placed upon the jar then put gently in our branded packaging. 


Ikigki - A Rose accord with fresh citrus top notes, base of lemon and grapefruit, Mid notes of Muguet, violet vetivurt and top note of amber, musk and ceder. Fresh and elegant, this fragrance blooms as it floats through the air. 


Pearl of Caledonia - A warm and Spicy Oriental fragrance. Top notes of pink pepper, Orange blossom and pear. Mid notes of Jasmine and Cofee, Base notes of patchouli, Vanilla and Cedar. 


Shining with Fame - Summer is captured with this excotic scent. Fruity top notes of Bergamot, Orange and peach. Mid notes of coconut, Jasmine and Muguet. Base notes of Amber, Vanilla and Almond musk. 

Prestige 30cl Candle


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