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Elevate the ambiance of your home with Bunch of Bears Handmade soy wax melts by bear burners. Each box includes 10 random melts presented in the stunning shape of our logo!


  • Handmade: Made with care and precision to ensure the highest quality product.
  • Soy wax: Made from natural soybeans, these melts burn cleaner and longer than traditional wax.
  • Bear-shaped: These adorable bear-shaped melts add a touch of whimsy to your home decor.

Picked from both core and limited edition scents, each one carefully hand-picked by our team. A brilliant way to try a range of our scents, with each box containing 10 unique fragrances. 


Create an inviting atmosphere in any room in your house with Bunch of Bears Handmade soy wax melts by bear burners. Order today!


All products are made by us and sealed in our factory in the north east. 
Each product is guaranteed to contain 10 products 

Each bunch will contain 10 items. every item included will be a bear burners logo bear shaped wax melt.
There is a 100% chance you will get 10 wax melts in each box. 

Scents included will be from our core and limited edition ranges. 
There is a 100% chance that you will receive goods equal to or greater than the amount you paid for the box. 

Bunch of Bears


Pawsome Savings

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