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Our Viral best seller boxes are now available across all of our stores. 


Previously a TikTok Exclusive with over 5500 sold to date!! 


Not sure what you fancy? this is a great way to try new scents and also works perfectly as a gift! Contents will vary. 


Please note - These boxes are available to purchase for £20.00 on tiktok as the platform offer discounts to subsidise the price.  Check it out @bearburners


All products are made by us and sealed in our factory in the north east. 
Each product is guaranteed to contain 5 products 

Each box will contain at least 5 items. Some items that may be (but are not guaranteed to be) included are: 
Candles: There is a 100% chance you will get at least 1 candle in each box:
25% 1 vintage jar candle worth £9.99, 
25% 1 inspired by candle worth £18.99, 
25% 1 Limited edition candle £18.99 
25% 1 prestige/Heritage range candle £25.00

Wax: there is a 100% chance you will get at least 3 wax products in your box:
75% - clamshells worth £5.00 each. 10% snap bars worth £2.50 each, shot pots worth £2.00 each, 5% giant clamshells worth £9.99 each, 75% Wax shapes worth £3 each, Bags including 2 shapes £6.00 bags including 3 shapes £9.00 Themed wax bars worth £4.00 each, 10% bags of bears worth £5.00 each, 50% Baby Clamshells worth £3.50 each and 10% individual wax melt bears worth £1.00 each.
Wax Warmers; Tealight 5% Plug in 5%, Three touch large 5%, Ceramic 5%. 
Accessories, include but are not limited to Candle holders, wick trimers, snuffers, candle boards, collect-a-bears, Tealight holders. 5% 

Scents included will be from our core and limited edition ranges. 
There is a 100% chance that you will receive goods equal to or greater than the amount you paid for the box. 

We cannot accommodate requests for ''Candle Only'' or '' Wax Only'' boxes - These boxes are available as separate listings when we have sufficient stock to satisfy demand. The majority of our boxes are pre-packed ready for immediate dispatch therefor scent requests cannot always be guaranteed. We will however accommodate ALLERGENS should we be notified. 

Best Seller Box


Pawsome Savings

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