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Here it is! celebrating an incredible year with a stunning selection of our most loved products! 

Each box will contain 6 items. These items will be:

1 x Year of the Bear handmade Candle 45cl - Deliciously Drenched scented. 

A mesmerising tropical sunset accord. It harmoniously blends the deep, earthy tones of amber, sandalwood and vetiver, creating a sensation of warmth and richness. Complementing this are the luxurious, sweet accents of velvet plum, vanilla orchid and sugared violet, leaving the skin delightfully fragrant and irresistibly soft. Delicia! 


2 x wax melt clamshells - Through the Wardrobe & Cherry Slushie in these stunning Team BB themed exclusive clamshells.


1 x wax melt snap bar in Madagascan Vanilla 


1 x wax melt shot pot in sea minerals & mimosa


1 x house tea light burner; 
Styles included will be from a pool of 8, 16mm tea light house, 18mm tea light house, grey pottery house, turquoise pottery house, ceramic pottery cottage, aqua pottery house, dark blue pottery house, pink pottery house. All of which are of the same value. these will be selected at random, there is no guarantee you will receive a particular style and if you order multiple products you may receive duplicates. 

There is a 100% chance that you will receive goods equal to or greater than the amount you paid for the box.

A Year of Bears Bundle


Pawsome Savings

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