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The Prestige Collection

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2021 not only sees the launch of a new website, but also the Launch of our Prestige collection.

At Bear Burners we aim to continue leading the market with innovative ideas and in turn, generate immense customer satisfaction.

As we welcome our new products we also welcome a elegant new design to acompany them. The Bear Burners seal of approval will be applied to every product in this range, along with bespoke branded packaging.

Celebrating success

Following many long days and late nights discussing the progression of our brand it became apparent that some things should never change.


we have revisited our candle making routes, refined the key features of bear burners and have created a luxurious product like nothing else on the market today.

we have replaced a sticker with a  cast metal seal of approval, branded lids top the finest quality glass jars and unique packaging housing each candle.

We felt we did not need to rebrand, but simply set a crown atop what we already had and celebrate.




When we say ''Premium Hand made'' we don't just refer to our wax products.

Each of our metal seals of approval are hand cast by one of the worlds best blacksmiths.

We feel its vital that the human touch remains a key part of our products and will continue to manufacture our goods this way in the future.