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Candle Club


With our great range of membership plans you can gaurantee a selection of our latest products, plus some of your old favourites delivered directly to your door each month.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

How It Works


Why Choose to subscribe?

Our subscription services offer great value for money, You receive the latest products, at a discounted price and we also include the postage free of charge. It really is a simple way of getting your hands on some new goodies every month, hassle free.. simply sign up, and we'll make sure your box is with you by the first week of the month. 

We also choose random boxes to upgrade - we may add one of our seasonal themed candles or extra wax .. Last Christmas, we decided to put an extra, Large candle in all of our candle subs, and extra melts in all of our wax subs!

If I sign up today, When will I receive my first box?

Sub boxes take a lot of planning and preparation, therefor, we dispatch the paid months box on final week of each month. 

if you subscribe in the month of January, Your first box will be dispatched in February. 

should you ever decide to cancel your plan, you will still receive a parcel the month following your final payment. 

What about the free gifts?​

From time to time, We work with other small businesses, They will send us samples of their products for us to send out in our sub boxes, meaning you get a little extra. 

If you would like to send us products to go into our sub boxes, please contact

How do I manage my subscription?


You can manage your subscription from the members area, simply select the pricing plan tab to view your options. 

I've moved house, What do I do? 

First things first, Update your address! Depending on how you paid, you may need to do this in the members area, in the pricing plans tab and also with your payment provider. For example, If you pay via PayPal, You must update your shipping details there too. 

We kindly ask that customers remove their old address when adding a new one into members areas.

Lastly, Please email , so we can keep an eye out for the changes and ensure no problems arrive. 


We will only ship subs to the address on file. We will not be able to rectify lost shipments due to incorrect address details. Pricing plans are a recurring monthly payment, We will continue to take payment each month until you cancel. To cancel, Visit the pricing plan section in our members area. We reserve the right to amend candle club packages & contents at any time. when doing so we will give a months notice prior to any changes.

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